Who Is Bears Quarterback in 2024? Caleb Williams or Justin Fields?

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The Chicago Bears face a defining decision – who is bears quarterback in 2024? and the face of the franchise moving forward? Former first-round pick Justin Fields held the reins the past two seasons but never fully won over the new Bears’ brass.

And with Fields now traded away for pennies on the dollar, all signs point to Chicago targeting former USC quarterback Caleb Williams with the #1 overall pick in the upcoming draft.

Williams has been tabbed a “generational talent” and the best quarterback prospect since Andrew Luck back in 2012. The Bears would be jumping for joy to secure the talented dual-threat playmaker as their new leader under center.

But could Chicago get cold feet and pass on Williams to keep building around Fields instead? Or might Williams pull a power move and refuse to play for the Bears? As a diehard NFL Draft nut, I’m fascinated by these franchise-altering decisions.

Whether you bleed navy and burnt orange or just love the draft spectacle like me, stick around as we examine the odds of Caleb Williams or Justin Fields being the Bears’ quarterback of the future. Diving into mock draft intel, roster analysis, and team fits. Let’s figure out who Chicago will hitch their wagon to in 2024!

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2024 NFL Mock Draft: Chicago Bears select QB Caleb Williams

The Chicago Bears solidified the future of their quarterback position by selecting college standout Caleb Williams with the 1st overall pick in the 2024 POD Community Mock Draft.

Chicago Bears Select Qb Caleb Williams – TeeAloha

After dealing with former first-rounder Justin Fields last offseason, experts agreed the Bears would draft their next franchise signal-caller. And talented USC passer Williams has long been the consensus top option. As acting Bears’ GM, community member Kevster made Williams’ selection official to kick off our mock.

In Williams, the Bears secure a player many scouts have called a “generational talent” – boasting arm talent akin to Patrick Mahomes and scrambling ability resembling Josh Allen. His pedigree suggests Chicago now has their most promising passer since Jay Cutler.

And while some media speculation indicated Williams could pull an “Eli Manning” and refuse to play for the downtrodden Bears, the QB himself denied those rumors in an ESPN interview. Barring an unexpected holdout, Williams is poised to be Chicago’s new leader under center.

For the Bears faithful, Williams’ selection represents a breath of fresh air at the sport’s most vital position. With an elite playmaker now on board, expectations will understandably spike for a rebuilding Bears bunch. We’ll see if Williams’ stellar college production and athletic gifts carry over to lifting Chicago back to contention.

Which Team Will Fields Be Traded To In 2024?

Quarterback Justin Fields showed flashes of promise across his first two NFL seasons after being selected 11th overall by the Chicago Bears in the 2021 draft. Despite his obvious athletic talents, the Bears elected to trade Fields after just three campaigns.

Now Fields enters the 2024 offseason seeking a second opportunity and a fresh start elsewhere. With starting QB jobs scarce in the NFL, which quarterback-needy franchise presents the best fit for Fields’ skillset?

Which Team Will Fields Be Traded To In 2024 – TeeAloha

Early speculation centered on the possibility of Fields returning to his home state to lead the Atlanta Falcons. The Falcons have an aging Matt Ryan nearing retirement and may want a high-upside successor who could first serve an understudy role.

The New England Patriots have also been floated as a potential suitor, with Bill Belichick renowned for reviving careers of mobile quarterbacks. And even a quarterback-desperate team like the Indianapolis Colts could take a flier. With few surefire franchise options in the 2024 draft class, Fields offers mystery and upside.

At just 24 years old, Fields likely still has untapped potential in the right environment. We’ll see what opportunities materialize as the gifted dual-threat seeks a second chance to prove he’s a legitimate NFL starter.

Caleb Williams’ future looks bleak in Chicago

While the Chicago Bears hope hotshot rookie Caleb Williams can ignite their floundering franchise, the USC standout may face an uphill battle to thrive in the Windy City.

For all their historic prestige, the Bears have lacked stability and consistent success in recent decades. In that light, Chicago fails to provide the nurturing infrastructure that other top quarterbacks like Patrick Mahomes and Jalen Hurts enjoyed early on.

Caleb Williams Future Looks Bleak In Chicago – TeeAloha

Unlike Kansas City and Philadelphia, the Bears don’t boast an established, offensive-minded head coach who can fully unlock Williams’ upside. And considering how Chicago failed to develop former first-round pick Justin Fields, expectations on Williams seem overly optimistic.

Realistically, Williams may endure the same frustrating trajectory as Fields – flashes of excellence dispersed between struggles exacerbated by issues out of his control. It may require 2-3 seasons or longer before Williams’ opportunities align with his tantalizing talents in Chicago.

The good news is Fields himself now appears poised for a career year after being traded away and motivated to prove his doubters wrong. A change of scenery could similarly revitalize Williams down the road should the Bears’ situation sour. But expecting a Mahomes-esque rise in Chicago is likely wishful thinking.

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Conclusion For Who Is Bears Quarterback in 2024?

The Chicago Bears find themselves at a franchise crossroads heading into 2024. With former first-round pick Justin Fields traded away, the Bears are clearly ready to hand the reigns to a new young quarterback. All signs point to Chicago using the #1 overall draft pick on Caleb Williams – the consensus top QB prospect being hailed as a “generational talent.” Williams boasts incredible athletic gifts and playmaking upside that could finally give the Bears’ offense an identity. However, Chicago’s instability and inability to develop Fields does not bode well for Williams’ early trajectory. While the ingredients for greatness are there, Williams may face a steep learning curve and challenging circumstances outside his control. If the situation sours, a change of scenery could eventually ignite his promising career much like a fresh start stands to benefit Fields himself. Ultimately, the Bears hope Williams can rise above organizational dysfunction and execute his vast potential. But having the right infrastructure around him will be critical if Chicago hopes their next franchise quarterback can lift them back to contender status.