Celebrity All Star Game Box Score 2024

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Here is a draft intro for the “Celebrity All Star Game Box Score 2024” blog post, written in an engaging, conversational style:

Can you believe how off-the-charts awesome this year’s Celebrity All-Star game turned out?! I don’t know about you, but watching stars from sports, music, and Hollywood hooping it up always makes my weekend. And they definitely went all-out to wow us in Indianapolis this time.

I mean, peeps across the world were flipping out over that new high-tech LED court lighting up Lucas Oil Stadium! It was pulling off tricks even the nerdiest tech geeks couldn’t dream up. Tracking players with spotlights, shifting whole graphic schemes on the fly – this court was all kinds of next level.

Of course, we still got to see our fave big personalities battling hard out there too. Football beast Micah Parsons and race car hero Conor Daly were going bucket-for-bucket with Jennifer Hudson, comedian Kai Cenat, and more throwing stardust. Then 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, and others take over? C’mon now!

If you skipped the game or just want to relive all the fly action, I’ve got you. Let’s break down the dazzling court, biggest baller moments, surprise music cameos, and more that made this year’s celebrity clash one for the ages!

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NBA Celebrity All Star Rosters

Team Shannon

Coaches: Shannon Sharpe and Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson
Shannon Sharpe As A Coach Of Celebrity All Star Game Box – TeeAloha
Players 1.Anuel AA (Reggaeton artist)
Anuel Aa – TeeAloha
2. Kai Cenat (streamer, YouTuber)
Kai Cenat – TeeAloha
3. Conor Daly (IndyCar driver)
Conor Daly - TeeAloha
Conor Daly – TeeAloha
4. Walker Hayes (country singer)
Walker Hayes - TeeAloha
Walker Hayes – TeeAloha
5. Quincy Isaiah (actor)
Quincy Isaiah - TeeAloha
Quincy Isaiah – TeeAloha
6. Jewell Lloyd (guard, Seattle Storm)
Jewell Lloyd - TeeAloha
Jewell Lloyd – TeeAloha
7. Micah Parsons (linebacker, Dallas Cowboys)
Micah Parsons - TeeAloha
Micah Parsons – TeeAloha
8. Lilly Singh (TV host, comedian, actress)
Lilly Singh - TeeAloha
Lilly Singh – TeeAloha
9. SiR (singer, songwriter)
Sir - TeeAloha
Sir – TeeAloha
10. Dylan Wang (actor)
Dylan Wang - TeeAloha
Dylan Wang – TeeAloha

Team Stephen A

Coaches: Stephen A. Smith, Lil Wayne, and A’Ja Wilson
Stephen A Smith - TeeAloha
Stephen A Smith – TeeAloha
Players 1. Metta World Peace (former NBA star)
Metta World Peace - TeeAloha
Metta World Peace – TeeAloha
2. Jack Ryan (streetball player)
Jack Ryan - TeeAloha
Jack Ryan – TeeAloha
3. C.J. Stroud (quarterback, Houston Texans)
C.j.stroud - TeeAloha
C.J.Stroud – TeeAloha
4. Gianmarco Tamberi (Italian high jumper)
Gianmarco Tamberi - TeeAloha
Gianmarco Tamberi – TeeAloha
5. Adam Blackstone (songwriter, bassist, producer)
Adam Blackstone - TeeAloha
Adam Blackstone – TeeAloha
6. Natasha Cloud (guard, Phoenix Mercury)
Natasha Cloud - TeeAloha
Natasha Cloud – TeeAloha
7. Jennifer Hudson (Oscar-winning actress, singer)
Jennifer Hudson - TeeAloha
Jennifer Hudson – TeeAloha
8. Tristan Jass (Youtuber)
Tristan Jass - TeeAloha
Tristan Jass – TeeAloha
9. AJ McLean (singer, Backstreet Boys)
Aj Mclean - TeeAloha
Aj Mclean – TeeAloha
10. Kwame Onwauchi (chef)
Kwame Onwauchi - TeeAloha
Kwame Onwauchi – TeeAloha

Team Shannon vs. Team Stephen A. Celebrity All Star Game Box Score

Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Final
Team Shannon 22 30 20 28 100
Team Stephen A. 26 19 26 20 91

Football phenom Micah Parsons came out guns blazing, erupting for 37 points, 16 rebounds, and 4 steals to pace Team Shannon to a hard-fought 100-91 victory over Team Stephen A. The Dallas Cowboys linebacker took home MVP honors after a signature dominant performance.

Despite Stephen A’s squad boasting young NFL quarterback CJ Stroud and streetball icon Jack Ryan, Parsons proved too much to handle – attacking the rim at will against overmatched defenders. He carried Team Shannon down the stretch, even boldly predicting 40+ points for himself at halftime.

Parsons had plenty of help, however, namely from supporting actors Dylan Wang (18 points) and former BYU wide receiver Puka Nacua (16 points). With the contest knotted at 78 late in the 2nd half, Nacua threw down a rim-rattling jam while Wang knocked down a clutch 4-pointer during an 8-0 game-sealing run.

Stroud tried his best to keep pace with 31 points and 9 boards, while YouTuber Tristan Jass contributed 27 points of his own for Stephen A. But Parsons refused to let his team lose – taking over the dazzling high-tech court as if it was AT&T Stadium in a Cowboys playoff game.

If this athletic display is any indication, we’ll be seeing Prime Micah Parsons wreaking havoc in Pro Bowls for years to come.

Who is the MVP of the Celebrity All-Star Game in 2024?

Micah Parsons Named Celebrity All-Star Game MVP

There were several standout performances during the star-studded matchup, from CJ Stroud’s silky shooting to Puka Nacua’s aerial artistry. But the MVP honor belonged to one player – Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons.

Micah Parsons Named Celebrity All Star Game Mvp - TeeAloha
Micah Parsons Named Celebrity All Star Game Mvp – TeeAloha

Parsons simply imposed his physically dominant will from start to finish. Attacking the rim relentlessly with thunderous slams while his outmatched opponents bounced off him, the NFL All-Pro was an unstoppable force en route to 37 points on an array of aggressive moves.

Whether muscling through the lane with brute strength, breaking ankles with slick crossovers, or even dialing in from distance, Parsons couldn’t be contained against celebrity defenders. His 16 rebounds also displayed relentless motor pursuit of missed shots.

There was early MVP buzz for Nacua after throwing down an electric between-the-legs jam. Meanwhile, Stroud showcased his marksmanship and diverse scoring arsenal from all levels.

But Parsons stole the show – playing with trademark intensity and validating his status as one of the NFL’s most disruptive defensive game-changers. Except this time, the points piled up from his own unguardable offense as he powered Team Shannon to victory.

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In conclusion, the 2024 Celebrity All-Star Game delivered expected excitement as stars from the worlds of sports, music, and film collided in a clash of competing cultures. Micah Parsons stole the show by imposing his dominant will en route to 37 points and 16 boards. His tour de force two-way performance headlined the action-packed event and cemented Parsons as the runaway MVP while leading Team Shannon to a narrow 100-91 victory.