Best Quarterbacks Of All Time

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The NFL has seen legendary talent grace the gridiron over its century-plus history. The record books overflow with iconic running backs like Jim Brown and Walter Payton, receivers like Jerry Rice who dominated the air attack, and defensive powerhouses like Lawrence Taylor who redefined their positions. In 2019, the NFL commemorated these titans of the game by selecting the 100 greatest players across all positions to its coveted all-time team.

But experts and fans alike know that one position rules the sport of football more than any other – quarterback. These battle-tested field generals are tasked with orchestrating almost every offensive play, scanning the defense pre-snap for weaknesses to exploit, before unleashing a litany of short passes or bullet throws downfield to lead their team to victory. The greats who have manned this most scrutinized of positions have left an indelible mark on football history through their statistical achievements, their knack for clutch performances in the game’s biggest moments, and the inspiration they provide to future generations of signal-callers.

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Determining the “best” quarterbacks across the sport’s 100-plus years of history is a monumental challenge full of subjective bias among fans. However, by analyzing the key attributes that set the legends apart – stats, championships, leadership, longevity, and overall impact – patterns emerge highlighting rarefied air reserved for the absolute cream of the crop. The 10 quarterbacks listed below have clearly separated themselves in the “best of all time” conversation through their sustained excellence guiding their franchises to postseason glory. From early trailblazers who revolutionized passing in a run-heavy era, to modern maestros shredding defenses on today’s high-flying NFL landscape, these are the 10 individuals who have firmly cemented their legacy among the upper echelon of the best quarterbacks of all time.

Top 10 NFL Quarterbacks of All Time

The quarterback position has evolved dramatically since the early days of the NFL, but one thing remains constant – great QBs lift their teams to championship glory. The 10 signal-callers listed below have clearly separated themselves over the decades through statistical dominance, iconic championship performances, and the indelible mark they’ve left on football history.

  1. Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes – TeeAloha

The young Chiefs phenom has accomplished feats in his first 5 seasons that some QBs could only dream of in their careers. With a cannon arm and magician-like improvisational skills, Mahomes already has a Super Bowl ring and 2 MVPs to his name at just 27 years old. His jaw-dropping highlights and creative mastery of Andy Reid’s offense make him must-see TV every Sunday.

  1. Roger Staubach

Roger Staubach – TeeAloha
“Captain America” was one of the first quintessential dual-threat QBs, tormenting defenses with pinpoint passing and elusive scrambling ability. The 1963 Heisman winner helped birth the term “franchise QB” while leading America’s Team to victory in Super Bowls VI and XII, claiming MVP in the latter. His aerial theatrics shattered notions of what was possible at the position.
  1. Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers – TeeAloha

The consummate precision passer defined consistent excellence during his 18-year Green Bay tenure, making 10 Pro Bowls while capturing 4 MVP awards. Almost surgical in his ball distribution, Rodgers frustrated defenses with his lethal quick release and accuracy at all levels of the field. His 4,745 career playoff passing yards and 45 postseason TDs cemented his legacy as a primetime performer.

  1. Dan Marino

Dan Marino – TeeAloha

Marino introduced the NFL to what the passing game could look like in a futuristic era. The lightning quick release and rocket right arm he displayed while setting numerous early-career records seemed impossible in 1983, though it became the archetype of today’s game. Marino racked up 420 TDs over his career while reaching the 5,000-yard mark three times.

  1. John Elway

John Elway – TeeAloha

Elway embodied the proto-type of today’s dual-threat QB decades before its proliferation, racking up 3,407 yards and 33 TDs on the ground over his career. His bazooka throwing arm could put the ball anywhere, eliciting big plays from otherwise broken situations. That competitive fire led the Broncos to five Super Bowls, winning consecutive rings in Elway’s final two seasons while cemented as an all-time great.

  1. Brett Favre

Brett Favre – TeeAloha

The quintessential “gunslinger” presided over the NFL record for most career pass attempts while capturing 3 MVPs. Favre’s improvisational, sandlot playing style produced countless iconic moments from impossible arm angles. He brought big-play explosiveness back to Green Bay, leading them to a Super Bowl XXXI win while rewriting the franchise record books.

  1. Johnny Unitas

Johnny Unitas – TeeAloha

The original passing pioneer revolutionized NFL offenses in the 50s and 60s. Unitas displayed a stoic command of the two-minute drill and fourth-quarter comebacks, hence the nickname “The Comeback Kid.” His prototypical quarterbacking textbook – quick reads, decisive throws, deadly accuracy, and next-level toughness – set the mold that modern greats still follow today.

  1. Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning – TeeAloha

The consummate field general elevated preparation and film study while excelling as the quintessential pocket passer. Manning’s pre-snap diagnostic skills and pinpoint distribution propelled prolific offensive powerhouses in Indianapolis and Denver. He captures five MVPs while making 14 Pro-Bowls, redefining accuracy and decision-making benchmarks at the position.

  1. Joe Montana

Joe Montana – TeeAloha

The original “Comeback Kid” lived up to his nickname with historic late-game drives in the playoffs, including “The Catch” in the 1981 NFC Championship. Montana’s quick release and accuracy hitting crossing routes made him the perfect maestro for Bill Walsh’s innovative West Coast system. He went 4-0 in Super Bowls while claiming 3 Super Bowl MVPs, cementing his legacy orchestrating Walsh’s high-flying San Francisco offensive juggernaut.

  1. Tom Brady – The Greatest Quarterback Of All Time?

Tom Brady stands alone atop the mountain as the undisputed greatest quarterback in NFL history. His statistical dominance and championship pedigree over a 23-year career have cemented his status as the gold standard all future QBs will be measured against.

Tom Brady – TeeAloha

Brady’s sustained excellence has him occupying nearly every major passing record, including career yards (89,214), touchdowns (649), and the aforementioned 251 regular season wins – a ridiculous 77 more than second place. He has won 7 Super Bowls while making an unfathomable 10 appearances on the grandest stage. His 35 career playoff wins lap the field as well, as do his 5 Super Bowl MVP awards.

But Brady’s greatness transcends the stat sheet. His intangibles – leadership, situational awareness, pocket movement mastery – have all redefined benchmarks at the position. And his evolution late in his career learning Bruce Arians’ downfield attack expanded his game to defeat Father Time. Brady’s peerless competitive drive and consistency have powered his longevity, as he led the league in passing at age 44.

Quite simply, Brady’s two-decade plus run of dominance has cemented his claim as the gridiron’s greatest signal caller. The search for the “next Brady” will perplex talent evaluators and fans alike, as his formula of sustaining GOAT-level play year after year remains unmatched in any team sport.

Who Is The Best Quarterbacks In NFL Right Now?

The quarterback position has become synonymous with the NFL’s explosive evolution into a high-powered, pass-happy league. Signal callers are now tasked with serving as offensive masterminds, surgically diagnosing defenses pre-snap before distributing the ball efficiently to dynamic playmakers. With the 2023 offseason underway, intense debates rage regarding which of the new-age gunslingers deserve the title as today’s gold standard behind center. Several transcendent talents have separated themselves from the pack.

Patrick Mahomes – The Improvisational Magician

Patrick Mahomes – TeeAloha

Mahomes boasts the complete toolbox of traits – rocket arm, pinpoint accuracy, slippery mobility – while pairing it with magician-like improvisational skills to create jaw-dropping highlights every week. His supernatural ability to make off-platform throws look routine renders defensive gameplans useless. Despite being just 27, his MVP trophy case is already full as he cements himself as today’s benchmark for excellence under center.

Josh Allen – The New-Age Dual Threat

Allen’s Howitzer cannon arm and imposing size/athleticism combination frequently draws laudatory comparisons to John Elway. He can bulldoze through tackles or launch precision missiles downfield with equal adeptness. Allen took a monumental developmental leap in 2021, displaying refined accuracy and processing to pair with his playmaking flair. His rapid improvement shows no signs of slowing.

Justin Herbert – The Next Up-and-Coming Star

Dubbed “Big Hero” for outsized expectations he continues to exceed, Herbert injects a rocket right arm with marksman-like ball placement accuracy. He set numerous rookie passing records in 2020, further built upon with two elite campaigns showcasing Pro Bowl caliber production. With ample arm talent and size to attack any level of the field, the 24-year old’s ascent shows flashes of all-time great potential.


The quarterback position has evolved dramatically from the early days of the NFL into the most critical role defining modern offenses. Across every era, historic talents have captured the imagination of fans and placed indelible stamps on football history through their statistical dominance, iconic playing styles, and championship poise shining brightest on the grandest stages.

While spirited debates will eternally rage over the “GOAT” label, Tom Brady’s unprecedented two-decade run of sustained excellence has cemented his place at the very top of the mountain. Young phenoms like Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen show flashes of generational potential to one day join the upper echelon as well. And rising dual-threat standouts Lamar Jackson and Jalen Hurts continue to expand notions of how the position can be played.

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One absolute regarding the NFL’s marquee position remains clear – the quarterback will forever be the pulsating heart dictating the fortunes of championship contenders. As the game continues evolving at breakneck speed, new athletic prototypes and offensive innovations will emerge. But the recipe for championship glory will maintain franchise quarterbacks as the essential ingredient elevating elite teams each year. The legends immortalized above set the model of greatness that rising stars will strive towards for ages.